Prevention & Awareness

Back At It Again: Send Silence Packing Spring 2017 Tour

The countdown begins! We’re officially one week away from kicking off the Spring 2017 tour of Send Silence Packing! This spring we’ll be making a complete loop around the country, with stops at colleges and universities across the south, up through California to Oregon and back around to DC through the Midwest.

Send Silence Packing displays over 1,000 donated backpacks, representing the number of college students lost to suicide each year. The program is designed to raise awareness about the incidence and impact of suicide, connect students to needed mental health resources and inspire action for suicide prevention. We’re grateful to our host sites, sponsors and partners for the opportunity to bring this important program to their communities.

The Spring 2017 tour starts next week at the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL and will then travel to 14 additional locations in Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, California, Oregon, Wisconsin and Illinois. We’ll be in the road for quite some time, March 16 – May 12, so keep an eye on the blog and @active_minds on Instagram during the tour to see pictures from the displays.