Why I Support Active Minds: My Daughter Came Home


Emily and Steve Lerman

“Dear Treating Physician: Thank you for the opportunity of seeing Emily Lerman in consultation. Her major depression has been complicated by extremely high levels of anxiety, exhaustion, muscle pain, nightmares and night sweats.  I would suggest consideration of the following treatment….”  

So began the letter of Dr. Robert M. Post.

Our daughter Emily, a graduate of Penn and Columbia’s Teachers College, had embarked upon her career at the well-regarded Agnes Irwin School outside Philadelphia. She seemed to be off to a great start, utilizing her dual degrees in elementary and special education to great effect in a prestigious, private school setting.

After one year of teaching, she had been tapped by the school’s principal to monitor other teachers’ classes with a view toward upgrading the curriculum to more cutting edge standards.  Her previous depression seemed under control.

And then, suddenly, it wasn’t.  She fell apart.

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