Suicide Prevention Month: A Survivor’s Guardian Angel


This post is part of a Suicide Prevention Month blog series. Read the other blogs here.

Active Minds suicide survivor“I’d like to give you something,” my school counselor said as she pulled something out of her pocket. “It’s been in my family for generations and, if you want, you can keep it. I thought it could be your guardian angel.” She hugged me and handed me a small blue, glass angel figurine. I accepted her gift reluctantly, not sure if I should take something from her, as I had met with her only a few times before.

I recently reached out to that school counselor. We exchanged email and spoke through Facebook. She wrote me ‘with tears streaming down [her] face’ and expressed how touched and grateful she was. But it was really I who had reason to be grateful.

I met with this counselor after my mom died by suicide. My dad had just come back into my life months before, and nothing in my life seemed to make sense. I felt out of control.

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