Emerging Scholars Fellowship: April Check-in


It’s hard to believe it’s April, and we’re already halfway through the fellowship! My project has definitely been keeping me busy.

I’ve spent most of my project time focusing on coding my data. I planned to buy software to help, but it turns out I don’t qualify for the reduced price student software, so I ended up having to work through it by hand. I don’t know that doesn’t mean much if you haven’t done qualitative coding before, so I’ll try to illustrate it for you, as inspired by our lovely New England winter.

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Meet Mary’s Mentor: Dr. Valerie Earnshaw


EarnshawI’m very excited today to introduce you to my national mentor, Valerie Earnshaw, Ph.D.

Dr. Earnshaw is Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, and Associate Scientific Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Her research focuses on how stigma relates to health outcomes and disparities across the lifespan, and what moderates these associations in protective ways. Continue Reading

#EDAW: 7 Facts About Eating Disorders


National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 22-28. All week long, we’re bringing you blog posts specifically on eating disorder awareness and recovery.

10957867_10152558910217676_294281118006125873_nEating disorders are severe mental illnesses which have been portrayed inaccurately for decades. Although public awareness of the reality of eating disorders is improving, harmful stereotypes are still distressingly common. Eating disorders are not a matter of vanity or a “phase.” They are serious illnesses with life-and-death outcomes.

Here are a few facts to help get you educated this Eating Disorder Awareness Week:

1. 10-15% of individuals with anorexia or bulimia are male. Binge eating disorder is thought to affect males and females nearly equally.

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Emerging Scholars Fellowship: Meet Mary Duffy


headshot1Hello Everyone! My name is Mary Duffy, and I am honored and extremely excited to be one of the 2015 Active Minds Emerging Scholars. Having been blessed with a last name at the beginning of the alphabet, I’ll be kicking off the Emerging Scholars blog posts each month.

Last semester, I completed my B.A. in Psychology at the University of Saint Joseph. I am currently working at USJ as a teaching assistant for research methods and a professional tutor for both the Psychology Department and the Honors Program. In the future, I intend to earn my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and work in an academic or clinical setting where I can continue to pursue my own research.

My project will be the qualitative analysis of data I collected last semester from 84 people diagnosed with eating disorders who self-identify as transgender/non-binary in gender. I asked them about their eating disorder history and treatment experiences and their experiences living as a transgender/non-binary person.

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