Mental Health Weekly News Wrap Up: July 29

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About Culture, Race And Ethnicity


As Minority Mental Health Month winds down, it is important to take a step back and remind ourselves that mental illness affects us all. Minority communities are less likely to receive mental health care than whites. Minorities have a long list of disparities when it comes to mental health care from racism to lack of cultural sensitivity. It’s time to educate people mental health without disregarding the different experiences minorities may encounter.

Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Disorder

In the past, studies have shown being transgender is a form of mental illness. But recent studies argue that being transgender is a condition related to sexual health. Many found their mental illness not from the transition itself, but from the social rejection and violence that comes with being transgender. The stigma associated with the transgender community needs to come to an end just as much as mental illness.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: July 22

frankwarrenFrank Warren Holds the Key to Public Speaking Genius
Frank Warrens, the creator of PostSecret and a member of the Active Minds Speakers Bureau, is considered one of the best public speakers thanks to one thing: charisma. Janice Tomich, a professional speaking coach, says that Frank’s TED Talk “Half a Million Secrets,” is the perfect example: Frank successfully connects with his audience through humor, engagement, and taking pauses to let his messages sink in.
Bring Frank Warren to your campus to speak about mental health. 
Study: Influence of Genetics on Mental Health Depends on Environment
Researchers recently found that genetics can be linked to mental illness. Certain genes don’t cause mental illness, but they can increase a person’s sensitivity to environmental stressors.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: July 15

Pokemon Go Having Unintended and Amazing Effects on Players’ Mental Health


Who would’ve thought we’d hear “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” again? Who would’ve thought a video game would be beneficial to your mental health? Pokemon Go is an interactive app where users can walk around outside and catch different Pokemon. It has encouraged people to get up and get some exercise while learning their surroundings – any many people are reporting that it’s helping with their depression and anxiety!
Pediatricians Urged to Screen for Suicide Risks Among Teens
A new American Academy of Pediatrics report encourages family doctors to screen all teenagers for risk of suicide. The risk of suicide among teens is heightened by factors such as bullying, physical/sexual abuse, or issues related to sexual or gender identity.

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7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Summer


School’s out for the summer. No more finals, presentations, or papers. After long sleepless nights, it’s time to renew your mind, body, and soul! Take advantage of the time and treat yo’ self.

1. Take a vacation or staycation. 

Whether you’re going somewhere new or just staying at home, take a few days to unplug and recharge. Set up an auto-responder on your email, turn off SnapChat and spend some time outdoors. Whether you’re on the beach or catching some Pokemon in your city, taking a few days to yourself can do wonders for your mental health.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: July 8

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Mental Health Bill


On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would seek mental health reform across the country. Among other things, the bill would implement direct funding for mental health illnesses, reorder the structure of the federal agency of mental health, and develop requirements for private insurers to cover mental health care.

How Racism Affects Mental Health — & What We Can Do About It

With July being Minority Mental Health Month (MMHM), it is important to understand the effects of prejudice and racism on minority communities. Forms of racism have reportedly shown an effect on depression, anxiety and stress. Addressing disparities and making sure everyone receives proper mental health care can help us take control of our own lives.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: July 1

Demi Lovato Talks Mental Health, Addiction, and Recovery

Pop star Demi Lovato speaks out about her recovery from addiction and an eating disorder.  She discusses how her mental health has inspired her music. She is now mental health advocate, emboldening her fans every day.

Effects of Exercise on Depression Underestimated, Review Finds

The latest report in the Journal of Psychiatric Research shows exercising has an influential antidepressant impact on those diagnosed with depression. Studies showed aerobic and mixed exercises made a significant effect by reducing depression symptoms. Exercise can now be considered an evidence-based treatment to manage moderate and severe depression. Continue Reading

Active Minds: Kicking Off Minority Mental Health Month



Now that it’s officially July, it’s time to kick off the beginning of Minority Mental Health Month. In 2008, the U.S. House of Representatives proclaimed July as MMHM to encourage people and organizations, like Active Minds, to raise awareness about mental health among minorities and promote recovery in diverse communities.

There is a stigma around the conversation of mental health, but there is also a misconception of who it affects. Mental health is not prejudiced; it affects all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class, socioeconomic status, religion, etc.

Here are some statistics that show how minorities are affected:

  • Native American males, ages 15-24, account for 64 percent of all suicides among Native Americans (2001 Surgeon General Report)
  • Less than 1 in 11 Latinos with mental disorders seek professional care (2001 Surgeon General Report)
  • Teenage Latinas are more likely to die by suicide than any other female teens in any other racial group (2012 CDC Report)

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Mental Health News Round Up: June 24


ClfllxtWEAEgtroOrlando Shooting Sheds Light on Mental Health Disparities in Florida’s Latino Community

After the Orlando shooting, many Latinos in the area are ending the stigma about mental health. Over 40 Latino-led organizations have formed since the tragedy to help low incomes families receive proper resources for those who were affected.

(Note: See a message from the Active Minds staff regarding the tragedy in Orlando.)

Prince William Makes An Excellent Point About Mental Health

Prince William, father of two and mental health advocate, opens up about the importance of parents and the ability to openly talk about their children’s psychological wellbeing. He encourages parents to accept mental health and treat as serious as physical health.

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Mental Health News Round Up: June 3


Kristen Bell: I’m Over Staying Silent About Depression


Actress Kristen Bell’s essay in Motto is all about the depression that runs in her family and how the stigma around mental health needs to be removed. As a celebrity advocate, she encourages people to open up to one another to speak out about their mental health and end the stigma.

Supporting Mental Health Efforts Beyond The Month Of May

Even though the month of May was filled with mental health awareness from political, social and personal standpoints; these upcoming months are important for taking action. There is need for reform in efforts to improve the services and end the stigma that lingers around mental health.

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