Chapter Summer Tips for a Successful Year Ahead


Alexander Graham Bell (you know, the guy that invented the telephone) once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” He was a pretty successful guy, so it might be best to prepare for this upcoming year in order to have a great year on your campus!

In order to help you out, the Active Minds Student Advisory Committee and National office have a few tips to help keep you active this summer so you can hit the ground running as soon as school begins!

Chapter Summer Success Tip #1


Make at least one goal to accomplish this year. It can be anything from holding the biggest event your chapter has ever planned to increasing your membership, or even collaborating on an event with other student organizations. Whatever it is, don’t forget to map out smaller, reachable goals to help you stay on track! Continue Reading

How Active Minds Changed My College Career


Hannah Metzger is a former member of Active Minds at West Chester University and is currently serving as a summer intern for the Active Minds Speakers Bureau.

SelfieThe transition into college is rarely a quick and easy one to make. You go from the comfort of your hometown and people you’ve known for years to a very different environment full of strangers and new things to explore. It’s difficult to find a new group of friends, or a place that feels comfortable for you to express yourself. Even if you stay close to home, as I did, it’s still a huge difference from the daily routine you mastered in high school. Because of this transition, many people struggle with mental health issues that may have not been present before.

Though I had experienced some issues with anxiety and depression in the past, nothing could have prepared me for the storm of emotions that was brewing and coming my way.

As always, I was anxious during the first week of classes and feeling overwhelmed with all of the work I was going to be expected to complete over the semester. Had it not been for the support from my mom, I still think I may have dropped out that week and let the anxiety win. She kept a firm hand on my shoulder and led me through the next few weeks. All the while, I tried to hold my head high, maintain my composure, and make daily life as bearable as possible. Continue Reading