Happier Holidays: Tips to De-stress and Enjoy Your Break


This time of year can be the best: heading back home, family-time, food everywhere, gift-giving!

But the holidays can also be the worst: heading back home, family-time, food everywhere, gift-giving.

The way you view the holiday season can depend on a lot of different factors. Does traveling back to your home town make you excited or anxious? Does your family make you feel comfortable or alienated? For many of us, it’s complicated.

The holidays can be particularly hard for those struggling with mental health. There are a lot of changes in the routine you’ve set up for yourself at school, some of the coping mechanisms or support networks you’ve built may not be available, forced family meals can be triggering and uncomfortable, and financial stress of holiday shopping can compile to make your relaxing break anything but relaxing.

Luckily, we have some tips for you to kick this holiday break’s butt! If you’re feeling down, upset, confused, or in a funk over the next month or so, try some of these tips:

  1. Make some “you” time.

Put on your comfiest clothes, shut your door, load up the Netflix, and do what you want to do. Sometimes stepping away from everyone and everything can really help you relax. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing most, do it as much as you need.

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How to Plan an Effective Spring Semester


The spring semester is right around the corner. It’s easy to lose sight of all of the programs, fundraisers, and meetings you want to put on once school starts up. It can also be challenging to make sure that your events fit together in a logical order–to make them as successful as possible.

Here are some questions to consider that can shape your plans for the upcoming semester:

What do you need to get done?

Every chapter has a range of requirements: some from the national office, some from their own campus, and some from goals they’ve set for themselves. It’s important to think through those benchmarks and make sure that your are structuring your semester so they’re hit. Continue Reading

Why Should You Fill Out Your Winter Inventory?


Have you been getting emails from the Chapters Team this month badgering you to fill out your Winter Inventory? Are you not really sure why you would want to spend your time getting the third degree from the national office via survey?

I feel you. I get it. Let me explain where we’re coming from.

1. The more we know, the more we can help. 

Every inventory lets us know how your chapter is doing and in turn, how the chapter network is doing. From there we’re able to write you back with resources and support based on your answer. Then, we can develop new resources for what you need. Continue Reading

Text, Talk, Act: Our Chapters Win Big!


Students from Active Minds at Ithaca

On October 6th, chapters across the country participated in the Text, Talk, Act contest, a program by Creating Community Solutions that encouraged students to engage in a conversation about mental health guided by a mobile moderator.

Participants were encouraged to send their photos, responses, and reactions and winners were chosen from the College/University, High School, Community Organization, and Individual categories.

Five of our chapters were named winners in the College/University category! Congratulations to the following chapters: Continue Reading

7 Ways to Get Ready for This Year’s Active Minds Conference


Too excited for our 11th annual National Mental Health on Campus Conference? Can’t wait until November 14th to get started? Here are seven things you can do today to start getting ready to make this the best conference ever!

1. Save your chapter some dough

The early bird catches the worm! Register yourself and your fellow chapter members before the early bird registration deadline on October 14th to pay reduced conference prices. Continue Reading