Student Stories

An Open Letter to Chapter Members Considering an Active Minds Internship

Dear Chapter Members,

This past semester has been the most eventful, meaningful, semester I will have throughout my college career. Besides participating in an academic, semester-long program in our country’s capital, I have been given the delightful opportunity to intern full time at the Active Minds National Office. Not only has this experience allow me to clearly open my eyes to the horizon and vast spectrums that come with the topic of mental health, but I have also come to encounter the different stigmas that come into play beneath the shadows.

On the morning of my very first day in the office, I felt overwhelmingly anxious to what the day would hold; however, as more time has progressed here, I can truly say how blessed I have felt with the opportunities I have been given and for the encouraging atmosphere the office holds on a day to day basis. In addition to personal growth, interning in this office has provided me with career and professional development practice. For example, I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily need to be talented in everything stated in the “requirements” section of an internship opening. At times, it is best to just dive in and explore a tool you have been unfamiliar with all along.

Now, you may be wondering the sole purpose over this open letter; well you see, you can too experience the bliss I have felt this semester. You can easily do that by pursuing a part and/or full time internship here at Active Minds in Washington, D.C. Yes, for some of you, the thought of this city being miles away from home is holding you back from even considering opening the Internship opportunities tab; however, if I could move to D.C. to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, I have full faith that you can too. On the other hand, for the individuals who will let adventure and wonder drive their motives, please consider applying to the handful of internships we are offering for the spring semester here, or reach out to with any questions or concerns you may have.

Sincerely your new friend & advocate,

Dagoberto Acevedo
Speakers Bureau Intern

Thinking about applying for a spring internship at the Active Minds national office? You should! Take it from a current intern, Dago, who has been working with the Speakers Bureau department. He is participating in the American Studies Program; we highly encourage you to see what academic programs are available through your University that would support you during your time in DC. Learn more about our internship program here.