Active Minds Speakers Bureau Welcomes Frank Warren, Kevin Briggs


unnamedWhat do Frank Warren, author and creator of the PostSecret Project and Kevin Briggs, “Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge” have in common?  They’ve both joined Active Minds Speakers Bureau as Affinity Speakers!

Along with our 12 Exclusive Speakers, these two new stars bring their distinct experiences and perspectives to an already dazzling constellation of highly-trained professional mental health presenters.

About Kevin Briggs:

A former California Highway Patrol officer, Kevin Briggs helped prevent more than 200 suicides during his career, becoming known as “the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge.” Today, he promotes mental health awareness through his crisis intervention and leadership organization, Pivotal Points, and speaks worldwide about suicide prevention. His story has been featured in The New YorkerPeople Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine, and his own TED talk.

About Frank Warren:

Frank Warren created the community art project and worldwide phenomenon PostSecret, which allows people to mail in their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Selected secrets are then published on Since PostSecret’s inception, Warren has received over one million postcards. They have been curated for six New York Times bestselling books and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. He travels the world discussing how the project has changed lives and why suicide awareness is a part of his life’s work.

You may have heard Kevin and Frank speak at Active Minds’ 11th Annual National Mental Health on Campus Conference in November 2014. Frank’s presentation was the place to be on Friday night, when he spoke to a standing room-only crowd of conference attendees, highlighting secrets received from his PostSecret contributors,and encouraging those in the audience to share their own secrets in a safe and supportive environment. Framed by slides of actual postcards he has received over the course of the project, Frank gently reminded us that we all have secrets — even some we keep from ourselves.

Kevin Briggs closed the conference on Sunday morning, delivering his powerful program to a packed ballroom of listeners who heard his message of survival, courage and hope. Illustrated with images gathered over a 23-year law enforcement career, Kevin’s presentation was inspiring and touching, and punctuated with stories told with candor and humility.

Active Minds Speakers enjoy a solid reputation for providing honest, reflective and genuine stories of personal adversity and triumph, hardship and healing.  Kevin Briggs and Frank Warren, as seasoned advocates of mental health awareness and real-life stigma-fighters, are ready to come to your chapter, your campus, your community, and share their energy and enthusiasm with your group, while offering real insight into why we need organizations like Active Minds and people like you to become mental health warriors.

Contact the Active Minds Speakers Bureau to find out how to bring Frank Warren or Kevin Briggs to speak at your next event.