Active Minds’ Newest Staff Member: Lee Duffy-Ledbetter


Lee (far left) and his fellow road staffer Gaby accept a backpack submission to Send Silence Packing during last fall’s stop at George Mason University.

Active Minds has officially welcomed Lee Duffy-Ledbetter to the staff roster as our Send Silence Packing coordinator. Some of you might remember Lee from last fall’s SSP tour — he was one of two road staffers to take our traveling suicide prevention exhibit down south.

Now Lee is back in a new position. He will coordinate and plan all of the SSP tours, as well as actually staff the exhibit while it’s on the road.

We asked Lee a few fun questions to know him a little better:

So, Lee. Tell us a little about yourself.

Let’s see…. Well my name is Lee, and I’m a Libra. Kidding. Well, I’m not kidding about being a Libra, but I am kidding about wanting that to be the first thing that you learn about me. Or maybe I’m not? I don’t know. How about this, I am the 2nd boy of three, and that pretty much sums up the first 24 years of my life. My hobbies include “playing Switzerland” during all familial conflicts, appeasing anyone and everyone, and also sports. I really do love me a good game of sport.

What are your guilty pleasure TV shows?

To be honest, I try to steer clear of TV for the most part. I went through a “binge-watching” phase in college and I can’t help but feel like there’s a whole year of sleep that I lost around that time. If I had to choose though? You can’t really beat Friends, that show has had me laughing for the better part of two decades. But if we’re talking about actual guilt? Two weeks ago I watched something like, three hours of the Westminster Dog Show, so there’s that!

What’s your favorite season? (season of the year, not season of your favorite guilty pleasure show)

This one’s easy. Fall. The best season, hands-down. Forget the fact that I’m an October baby— fall has got the best foliage, the best events (Ren Fest!), the crispest, most comfortable weather… I think that I could live the entire year in fall and be perfectly content. Save all the pumpkin spiced madness though, I enjoy my coffee black.

If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Road Trips are definitely a favorite of mine and luckily I’ve been able to cover almost all of this country. One of the most beautiful spots that I’ve discovered so far is Southern Utah. It’s not the most accessible, but if we’re talking serenity and relaxation, it’s an awesome spot.

It’s Saturday afternoon. What are you most likely to be doing?

My Saturdays are almost always spent at my home away from home, the bar! Not drinking though, working. Since 18 years old, I’ve been working at Coyote Grille & Cantina, in Fairfax, VA as a waiter/bartender. It’s an awesome little family joint that has afforded me some serious flexibility over the past couple of years. They’re like my second family.

What are you most excited about when it comes to working at Active Minds?

The mission. The thing that hopefully everyone reading this is in support of. Active Minds is doing some really amazing work in helping lift the veil that surrounds suicide and mental illness. I’ve seen it on the road with Send Silence Packing and it was some of the most impactful and validating stuff that I’ve ever been a part of. So am I excited to be here? I’m overjoyed.