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Active Minds, Inc. Student Leader Recognized

Active Minds, Inc. Student Leader Recognized

Melissa Hopely honored by The Jed Foundation

Active Minds is proud to announce that Immaculata chapter president Melissa Hopely has received an honorable mention from the Jed Foundation for her Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award video submission. 

Melissa has made Active Minds a tremendous presence on the Immaculata campus. She has spearheaded or taken part in the planning of RESPECT rallies to decrease the stigma that surrounds mental illness. She has performed routines on stage to raise awareness.

“Melissa is a tremendous example for all Active Minds student leaders to follow and an important voice for students everywhere to hear,” said Alison Malmon, executive director and founder of Active Minds. “By being so honest about her personal struggles with mental illness she has let her peers know that they are not alone. She spreads awareness every day through her words and helps end stigma through her actions.”

Under Melissa’s leadership Active Minds at Immaculata has organized and led multiple walk/runs including a Stomp Out Stigma Run and an Out of Darkness Community Walk and have raised thousands of dollars for mental health organizations in the process. Melissa was also active in hosting a Jake Kelleher Liv-Live Concert, one of the three Liv-Live rock and acoustic concerts to raise awareness about teen depression and suicide prevention in the surrounding community.

“I was overjoyed to find out that the Jed Foundation had selected my video for an honorable mention for this award,” Hopely said. “The stigma that surrounds mental health issues is terrible and if we can continue to raise awareness and create events to involve and positively influence the community, person’s suffering with mental illnesses and disorders would be able to find comfort with being themselves and finally experience their much deserved ‘better day’.”

See Missy’s Award Winning Video Here

About Active Minds

Active Minds is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to broadcasting the student voice to educate college students about mental health. On nearly two hundred campuses, with thousands of student leaders and advocates working diligently to raise awareness and promote mental health, Active Minds is reaching students through the implementation of turn-key programs that decrease stigma, bring about awareness, and ultimately create positive and accepting environment for the discussion of mental health issues.

As liaisons between their peers and college counseling centers and the mental health community, Active Minds’ student leaders provide information about available resources on-campus, online and in the community, educate students about mental health and mental illnesses, host events to raise awareness, and encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed. Active Minds chapters and volunteer student members work to shine a positive light on mental wellness, and create an accepting environment where each student has the capabilities and support to thrive.