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9 Easy Tips for a Healthful Holiday



What is it about the holiday season that stresses us out? The five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can seem like one giant to-do list or the longest, most angst-filled time of the whole year.

Even if you don’t ordinarily experience anxiety, depression, mood swings, or other mental health issues, it may not be uncommon for you to feel a little less grounded right about now. And, if you are dealing with a disorder, the symptoms may be magnified during this hectic time.

Here are some tried and true tips for surviving the holidays with good mental (and physical) health intact. These come courtesy of the Active Minds Speakers Bureau, a group of inspiring speakers who raise awareness about mental health all year long.

Remember, no matter what else is going on this holiday season, give yourself a gift, too — the gift of being good to yourself. Happy holidays!


Remembering to spend at least an hour every day totally gadget-free out in the woods – I call it sky time. I also like to remind myself of Viktor Frankl’s quote: ‘Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’ — Meg Hutchinson

My one tip for stress reduction is exercise. I feel like I get similar benefits of relaxation and focus from endurance exercise as others might get from meditation or yoga. My favorite workouts are spinning, pool laps and kicking. Don’t forget to hydrate—coconut water, protein drinks and even plain tap water are my go-tos. — Frank Warren

The holiday season can become pretty hectic. During this time of celebration, be sure to make time for yourself. This reflection time will keep you calm and grounded. — Kai Roberts

Hot yoga every day! Seriously, that’s my primary coping strategy right now. I’ve become a little obsessed. — Stacy Pershall

Put some time aside to have coffee/tea with friends/family and let them know how important they are in your life. For me, December is also a time of reflection. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished the past year, and set goals for next year. Be thankful for what you have and give something to those not as fortunate as you. — Kevin Briggs

Sing or hum along with your favorite holiday song or even some of the annoying ones. That form of expression is a favorite one of mine that helps me think solely about the pitch of my voice and the song and not about everything else going on around me. — Pablo Campos

Curl up with my warmest blanket, whichever pet is in the mood to snuggle, and a good book that is for pure-enjoyment’s sake. — Juliana Kerrest

Find allies who will save you from all those ‘What’re you going to do with your future?’ questions. — Maggie Bertram

Be right here, right now. Every single moment is a gift. We get just one life here on earth. When I am overwhelmed I breathe in and out and remind myself what I am grateful for. I breathe in what is good and true and breathe out the anxiousness and darkness and remind myself that I am grateful to be right here — right now. — Colleen Coffey