Could This Be the Most Important Month of the Year?


We think so. You probably do, too.

Suicide Prevention Month (Sept 10 – Oct 3) is when Active Minds and many other organizations say as loud as we can that suicide is preventable. Join us this month in spreading this hopeful message! Here’s

Active Minds’ Suicide Prevention Month kicks off on September 10, and there are several new, exciting ways to get involved! This year’s theme is The World Needs You Here, and we are excited to announce our first-ever chapter fundraising product, The World Needs You Here bracelets (see below for details!). Start getting ready for Suicide Prevention Month today:

1. Order “The World Needs You Here” Bracelets: Sign-up for a box of FREE bracelets (shipping/handling not included) to sell on campus to raise funds for suicide prevention through Active Minds, Inc. All proceeds will benefit the Active Minds national movement and will be credited to your chapter’s national fundraising goal.

2. Download the toolkit: Download Active Minds’ free Suicide Prevention Month toolkit, which includes a programming & prevention kit, panel discussion guide, and social media tools. We’re also co-hosting a Twitter chat with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on Friday, September 9 (World Suicide Prevention Day) from 1-2:30 pm ET. Join us!

3. Take the Kognito Challenge 2.0: Active Minds is teaming up with Kognito once again to bring the Kognito Challenge 2.0. Campuses with Active Minds chapters will have free access to Kognito’s At-Risk for College Students interactive simulation to help peers in distress. The first 40 chapters to train 50 students plus a faculty/staff member will receive $250 credit toward their national chapter fundraising goal.

4. Watch Please Like Me: Bring an episode of Pivot TV’s critically acclaimed show,Please Like Me, to your campus! Season 2, episode 7 puts issues of suicide, bipolar disorder, depression, and grief right up front. Access the episode and discussion guide to bring this important discussion to the forefront.

5. Be a Friend: You can help your friend or family member by recognizing the signs of mental health issues and connecting them to professionals for help. Check out our new Be a Friend resources for tips to start the conversation and support a friend through recovery.

Let us know what your chapter is doing for Suicide Prevention Month, and we’ll share it with other chapters on the Active Minds Chapter Network Facebook Page!