5 Reasons to Intern With Active Minds


Want to intern with Active Minds? From one two-time intern to all potential interns out there, here are five reasons to apply today.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta1. Get hands on experience.

As interns, we are a crucial part of the Active Minds team. You will participate in meetings, take on projects and offer up ideas of your own, just like any other member of the staff. Whatever your department, you will surely be in the middle of the action and leave feeling like you made a real impact in the lives of college students and within the organization.


2. Work with an awesome, motivated team (who are really like a family). Everyone at Active Minds is looking to make a difference.  You will get to know fantastic people changing the way we talk about mental health in college who are passionate . The staff at Active Minds works as a team and, as an intern, the moment you step in the door you become a part of the group.

Everybody dance now

3. You’ll enjoy coming to work. Okay, so we’re not dancing on tables with boom boxes, but with energetic staff and interns, the Active Minds office does not shy away from a good time. Whether it’s bonding over Bob’s Burgers, or sharing breakfast on Bagel Wednesday, this team ensures an upbeat vibe throughout the year.

best friends step brothers

4. Meet other college students who are passionate about mental health. You will have many opportunities to talk with fellow interns about how they are making a difference on their campus or in their communities. Share stories, meet new friends and connect with people your age who are changing the conversation about mental health.

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5. Make a difference. As an intern in the Active Minds national office, know that you are making change, not just in your immediate area, but in the nation. You’re not going to be twiddling your thumbs getting through the day. As an intern, you are joining the movement to end stigma, fight discrimination and encourage people to seek help, which is pretty awesome.

So Stigma Fighters, we want you to join the team and embrace the awesomeness that abounds in the national office. What are you waiting for?

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