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5 Reasons to Apply to Present at Conference

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The Active Minds National Mental Health on Campus Conference is coming up soon and we hope you’re getting excited (we sure are!) We pack conference full of time for you to hear from fellow chapter members through our Creative Programming Expo, and in sessions, workshops, roundtables, and panel discussions and we want you to be one of those presenters this year. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Free Registration if you Present a Workshop or on a Panel

You read that right. If you’re chosen to present a workshop or on a panel you (and up to one co-presenter from your chapter) can get free registration. Don’t get us wrong, there’s some work involved before conference if your application is selected but we’ll cover your registration.

2. Share your Creativity with Hundreds at the Creative Programming Expo

Do you ever see some of the cool programs we highlight on the Chapter Network Facebook Page or on our blog and wonder how those chapters got such good ideas? In a lot of cases, they adapted a program they saw at our Creative Programming Expo. The Programming Expo is one of the only times at conference that every single person who is registered has unstructured time to talk exclusively about the amazing things they are doing on campus.

It’s got everything: creative fundraisers, innovative twists on our national programs, representatives from partner organization and the Active Minds national office to answer questions, and so much more! Share what you’re doing well with hundreds of people and see your program spread to other chapters across the country!

3. Rep it on Your Resume

If you’re getting close to graduating you might be thinking about your resume or CV or LinkedIn profile. Presenting at a national conference is a huge achievement to add to yours! You’re going to show potential employers or graduate school representatives that you not only did something worth talking about to hundreds of people but you also took the time to craft a proposal that stood out, thought through how and what to share with your session so it could have the most impact, and you stood up in a room about it in front of your peers!

4. Get Some Support from Your School

Are you requesting funds from your school to come to conference this year? Strengthen that application by saying that you applied (and are hopefully chosen to) present. Show your administrators not only that you’re serious about attending this conference and learning as much as you can there but that you’re also going to elevate your school’s name by representing all that they are doing to help your chapter build a healthier campus community.

5. You’re in Charge

This conference is for chapter members and the most valuable thing we, as the staff at the national office, are able to do is let you lead the sessions. You are the experts of what works and doesn’t work on your campuses and your peers want to hear from you. They want to hear from folks who struggle with the same things they do or who go to schools like theirs or who are looking to achieve the same kinds of things they are.

Have we convinced you to apply yet? Learn more about the kinds of sessions we’re looking for and fill out an application. Questions? Email